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If you are sick and tired of pitch-fests which are "lecture-only" torture sessions...

"Finally, THE ONLY Hands-On, Fully Practical And FUN Workshop That Helps Beginning Internet Entrepreneurs To Quick Start Your Online Business Immediately Without Procrastinating Further!"

It's different from having to sit there like in other large seminars and only copying notes... Get direct and almost intimate contact and be involved right from the start!

From: Kee Huat



Dear frustrated internet marketing beginner,


I have a few questions for you, and I know you might take some time to read this, but I'd like you to do it anyway.


Question 1: Are you worried you don't have technical skills to start? That you are at such a basic level that you can't even cope with the massive flurry of information that is set to 'attack' you online (Yes/No)?


Question 2: Do You Want To Have The Opportunity Set Up Those Routes Right On The Spot With Your Laptop, And With Expert Guidance... WITHOUT fearing the information overload (Yes/N0)?


Question 3: Do You Want To Know The 7 Fastest Routes To Start An Online Business That Generate Your First Paycheck... And Actually Work With The Experts Instead Of Just Listening Blindly (Yes/No)?

If you answered "YES" to all three questions, then I think you will be interested in what I have to offer you this time around. You see, too many people have wondered about the following:


How To Choosing and Purchase Your Domain Name Correctly

how to Subscribe Your Web Hosting  Service without over spending

how to Right Autoresponder Software to automated Your Online Business permanently while you sleep

how to build a proper landing page in just 3 minutes

how to create a traffic generating system to launch your List building campaign

how to build an opt-in list of dedicated members even you do not have the product to market online yet

how to write enticing emails for members to increase sales

how to manage yourself and ensure you don't burnout and get overloaded

"End The Confusion And Learn How To Start From Scratch

With NO Internet Knowledge, And Have Your Website

Generating Income Within 30 Days Or Less!"

Let's suppose that you decided to come for this

Hands ON Workshop (Small Group: Limited Seats)


What can you Benefit from This Hand On Workshop

In This Workshop, You Will Learn:

Session I: Why You Need To Purchase A Domain Name

One of the first steps of designing and building a web site is choosing and registering a domain name-like www.[YourSite].com - for your business.

Registering a domain is a relatively easy process, but choosing a name that works for you takes some considerations.

In this session, you will learn:
Why do you need to purchase a domain name (and avoid need to purchase ‘free’ domains)
What Tools for brainstorming good domain names
Why you must Always register a ‘com’ name first
How Consider registering other top-level domains like ‘.net’ and ‘.org’
Why Register domains with and without hyphens
How to protect your business by registering products names and plurals
How to register keyword using your existing business name or a name with popular keywords?
How to create your own sub-domains!
How to register your domain names

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Session II:  How We Learn The Importance of Choosing A Good Web Host

When you choose your web host, you are essentially choosing your business partner! You’re deciding who will be responsible for presenting your web site – your business – to the world.

And remember: Your web host is responsible for making that vital connection between you and your customers, so be sure that you take the time to get to know them well before signing any contracts or agreements.

In this session, you will learn:
How the importance of choosing a good web host
What to look for in a web host
What to avoid in a web host
How to use the features of cPane
How to login to CPanel
Becoming familiar and Navigating in CPanel
How to change your CPanel password
Keeping your CPanel contact details up to date
How to create a POP email account
How to create a default (catch-all) email account
How to setup email forwarding (redirects)
How to create an autoresponder
How to create a subdomain
How to use domain parking
How to create an addon domain
How to install and uninstall FrontPage extensions
How to use file manager
How to use index manager
How to create custom error pages
How to password protect a directory
How to setup a cron job
How to setup hotlink protection
How to use the backup feature
How to create a MySQL database
How to manage URL redirects
How to create additional FTP accounts
Using the disk usage viewer
How to use the IP deny manager
Using the raw log manager
How to use WebMail from within CPanel
Using PhpMyAdmin to manage MySQL databases
How to trace an email address in CPanel
How to use Fantastico - an introduction

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Session III: Automation of your email marketing process is crucial for the success of your business.


Automated system enables you to reply immediately solicited information, send follow ups to your prospects, and save lots of time. Automation can be achieved with tools known as Autoresponders.

The auto-responder allows you to capture the email addresses of your visitors, so you build your own opt-in targeted mailing list. This is a great tool to use an Email or Newsletter. You can often via autoresponder a free article that pertains to the subject of the newsletter to all of your new subscribers.

You can sell your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the help of an auto-responder. Auto-responder is a handy tool that automatically follows-up with a series of email message at preset time intervals and works for you 24 hours a day. You will be able to develop your follow up message and set reliable time intervals.

Following up with your prospects could mean a 50% increase in your sales. Your potential customers may simply forget about your initial message or they simply may have a bad day; for that reason, it is so important follow up with your prospects at present time intervals at least five times after sending your initial message.


In this session, you will learn:
How to set up autoresponders to manage your customers and increase your sales automatically
How to create unlimited autoresponder accounts as you want and use each one for different purposes, even for tracking your sales!
How to get your prospect sends you an email or fills out a form, and a reliable delivery reply is sent in only 30 seconds!
How to unlimited change, update or edit your autoresponder message whenever you want, 24 hours a day!
How to know instantly and precisely which autoresponder and message are pulling the most from the Smart tracking features!
How to access and manage your database of prospects' email addresses, 24 hours a day, such as adding subscribers, viewing removals, updating messages, etc.
How to use your powerful mailing list for publishing a newsletter on a regular basis!
How to automatically maintain and clean your mailing list easily, with hard bounces removed automatically for you!
How to import your list from different formats, whether it's your database, text editor or spreadsheet software. And you can export it in the same way, too! (Imagine how much time this can save you! Also use this feature to backup and restore your list fast!)
How you can manually Broadcast personalized email letters to your entire mailing list in just one single step!
How to add attachments files to your autoresponder message and follow-ups - such as ebooks, software, graphics, documents, photographs, you name it! (Use it to get your message across more effectively, share documents or automatically deliver digital products to clients who purchased them from your website! A real time-saver!)
Four powerful ways to Track your responses and measure the effectiveness of your autoresponder. Then you can find out which message produced the best results, by using a scientific approach to your sales messages - and using them more often! - that worked!
How to use the unique Click Tracking feature to determine how many of your potential customers have clicked-through links of your messages - so you can write an even better, more compelling and more responsive email copy! 
How to use the powerful Spam-check feature to analyzes your message and tells you how you can improve it, so that it doesn't get blocked by the many anti-spam filters out there! (Spam-check makes sure your message lands in your prospective customers' Inbox, not their "Junk" folder!)
How to discover the Open-rate of how many subscribers actually open your message (the number, as well as percentage). Use this invaluable info to improve your message's Subject so that more will want to open your next message!
How to use Confirmed Opt-in optionally by switching your account to this mode, so that your subscribers must confirm their intention to subscribe before they are added. (This is great to minimize spam, it keeps your lists clean and profitable!)
How to use Instant-Follow up feature for the prospect to click on a special link and receive your next message immediately!  (What if some of your prospective customers don't want to wait to receive the next message in your cycle?)
How to send Visual Email Postcards to your prospects by email! (They will love you for it, and you will love the increase in response, conversion ratio and sales!)
How to add a name to your autoresponder address by Account Maximizer for increased credibility and branding! For example, get
How to create pop-ups to capture your visitors' email addresses and transform your website into an automatic lead-generation machine! (With the Pop-up Creator you will pull more subscribers and sell more products without having to buy additional software. Use our stealthy pop-over which doesn't get blocked by the pop-up killers out there, and generates awesome results!)
How to Block unwanted email addresses by creating "black lists" of unwanted email addresses and even entire domains, which stops them from being added to your autoresponders!
How to give your subscribers a choice and deliver your content by means of alternative distribution channels that are gaining ground on the Internet, such as RSS/XML feeds and web-based archives.
How to Send HTML-enhanced messages by enlarging the headlines, adding color, bolding key words and even inserting pictures! (With the overwhelming majority of people now able to receive HTML email, you can drive your message home more effectively and add life to those otherwise raw, plain text emails! Best of all: you don't need to code in HTML! You can write your messages in our Design Mode, much like you would write them in MS Word or your favorite email program!)
How to use a form on your website with your autoresponder, you are able to redirect your prospects to your own "thank you" page! (Tightly integrate your autoresponder with your sales system and boost your profits!)
How to Broadcast Selective personalized messages to certain, "selective" parts of your mailing list. This allows you to conduct split-tests or promote targeted offers to groups of people.
How to use pre-load campaigns Automatically so that you don't have to change each account manually, since any change made to your "master" account will be automatically implemented in your downline's accounts! (It's a great feature for sales teams, multilevel marketing and network marketers
How to manage your Bounce-back email after multiple unsuccessful deliveries (e.g., wrong email address, full mailbox, network outage, etc), your autoresponder will automatically remove any undeliverables from your lists and keep them clean!
How to request Regular account activity reports via email. (Not only will these vital reports help you to monitor the effectiveness of your autoresponder, but they will also save you a lot of time because you won't have to log in to check each time.)

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Session IV: Hands-On Workshop #1 & Demonstration Walk-Through From A To Z


In this session, you will get your website ready to launch your first online list building campaign by doing the following steps:


In this session, you will learn:
Applying Domain Name, Web Hosting & Autoresponder software
Creating a landing page / Opt-in page
Building content
Grabbing bonuses
Creating an opt-in box to build your Opt-In List
 Setting up web form
Creating email autoresponder messages
Generating traffic using Viral Marketing
Offline measures to consolidate the business


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Beware of the top 3 mistakes people make

when starting on the internet!

Mistake #1

Thinking the internet is just a get-rich quick fad

I think I've proven that the internet still relies on very important business principles. Get-rich quick schemes DO NOT WORK. And most of them that existed on the internet have been flagged as scams or shut down by the FBI. There are better ways to earn regular streams of income FROM the internet as well as ON the internet. I believe you will discover them here!

Mistake #2

Thinking that you need a lot of technical skills to succeed

I did not know a single thing about internet marketing before I jumpstarted toward internet mastery. The fact is that I did learn about internet techniques, and it took me some time to develop those skills. I managed to develop them to a respectable level, but I still needed time.

But now, so many other new approaches and software are there to help you cut short the amount of time you need to do this.

Mistake #3

That You Can Do It Alone on the Internet

Whatever the case, you definitely can do it alone on the internet - slowly.

If you want rapid results, you have to work with other people. That's precisely the reason for wanting to set up such groups online. You also need continuing education and constantly learn in order to make significant profit.

If you don't know what you don't know, you could be in for a lot of trouble.


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Why Should I Attend?

You've probably heard of internet seminars all over the place.

I'll add on an interesting twist to this, called the "Inner Circle". The Inner Circle was devised by me to help groups of individuals to work and leverage on teams.

By doing this, you learn how to utilize each other's strengths for the purpose of developing a superb plan to launch a product or service.

The Exclusive Faculty For The Workshop 

Faculty Member #1 - KeeHuat Yeo

Yeo Kee Huat


View KeeHuat Report Card


International Professional Managers Association

Kee Huat is a well-known full-time internet marketer cum Certified Professional Trainer in Asia. He has been actively involved in Internet arena since 2000 and his income has skyrocketed since 2004 after mastering the skills and techniques in generating Big Money from the Internet Marketing. 

Before this, he was just like any of us struggling days and nights trying to figure out how to earn tons of money while sleeping. He has been coached by many world renowned internet marketing Gurus so that he can short cut his learning path. After which, he becomes so committed that he applies and implements the internet knowledge diligently in his online businesses. Finally he has made a fortune out from his Internet businesses.

He and his team are definitely the right person who can guide you step-by-step through practical and realistic approach in running your Internet businesses!

But don't take MY word for it!

Here's what just a FEW of my students are saying...

  • This is my first internet marketing training course, and I was guided through easy and well organized contents to start my own online business. It is a very detail and straight to the point seminar. Kee Huat is a very friendly and well trained internet marketing coach.

Liong Tze Keng, Penang, Malaysia

  • Fantastic! The best Seminar I've attended. Both Kee Huat and his team are "REALLY" Super Good. They are THE REAL GURUS of Internet Marketing. Recommend everybody should attend. Thanks.

Steve Tan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Awesome! I really don't know what I don't know! Internet Marketing so Powerful!

Audrey Cheong, Singapore

  • “I learned information in this seminar that will have an immediate and positive impact on my business. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to succeed on the INTERNET.”

Joseph Disorbo, Singapore

  • “I have learnt very valuable internet marketing tactics and techniques, which I believe will help me excel further in my career.”

Brian Leoh, Singapore

  • “It is amazing how Kee Huat has managed to transform a novice like me to someone fairly confident of starting a business on the internet. The internet is no longer the wild wild west but a sea of opportunities. “

Danny Leong, Singapore

  • “If there is one real “value-for-money” Internet Marketing Seminar you must attend, “Unleash Internet Power 101 is the ONLY one. It is incredible! Awesome! This is truly money-making “bolts & nuts” workshop you can’t afford NOT to attend, if you’re serious about marketing through the net.”

Jeremy Huang Siew Loong, Singapore

  • “Kee Huat and his team have made things so simple and applicable; more importantly it doesn’t take an IT-savvy person to earn millions of dollars over the internet. They are sincere and generous in sharing their knowledge.”

Irene Khor, Singapore

  • “It was an absolutely mind-blowing Seminar! Giving so much knowledge and information about Internet business and you made it so easy and simple to understand that everybody can follow your success! Thank you very much!”

Anna Szasz, Singapore

  • “Fantastic, mind-blowing yet chock-a-block with useful tips and tactics I can immediately go out to use to start my own internet money-making machine. I see that I can do this without having to know too much techno jargon or skills!”

Heidi Tan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Excellent content delivered professionally. There is so much to learn! And do! The course is well worth the investment.”

Peter Fleming, Singapore

  • Absolutely Great Seminar! it is like the key to a treasure house. Thanks so much!!

Audrey Cheong, Singapore

  • “I have learnt so many things that I think I could not have done it any other way! This is the shortcut to making money on the Internet.

Yong Kim Kong, Singapore

  • “It is fantastic. I never regret coming. Now I am excited with new wings and capability. Only thing is implementation now.”

Eng Hsueh Lin, Singapore

  • Great guys and great stuff. Thanks for your teachings and more importantly your sincerity and passion. Strongly recommended.

Lawrence Tan, Singapore

  • Fantastic & Awesome Workshop! It enlighten me about the possibilities of making my first USD1,000 online in the next 90 days, and eventually make my million dollars in the next three years!”

Steven Wong, Singapore

  • “It is an amazing and remarkable seminar that I had ever attended. The speakers were selfless and honest, sincerely sharing what they had acquired over the years. I have learn a lot. I am touched too.”

Thomas Leong, Singapore

  • “Both Kee Huat and His Team are dedicated trainers. They are focused and shared with audience their experiences and skills. I enjoyed their training sessions.”

Jonathan Tang, Singapore

  • “Kee Huat and his team are such good speakers who present their message logically and clearly. In addition to their excellent presenting ability they ARE masters in principles and tactics of Internet marketing!”

Virpi Tervonen Ylitalo, Singapore

  • “Kee Huat is just amazing! I’ve been a marketer for a while now and I’ve learnt so much from him! I’m confident what I’ve learnt will earn me additional thousands of dollars in the next few months easily!”

Sant Qiu, Singapore”

  • “I have learned so many things that I think I could not have done it any other way! This is the shortcut to making money on the internet

Yong Kim Kong, Singapore

  • “My mind has been blown away by all the new and incredibly relevant & useful knowledge. I truly hope I can move from knowledge to action and implementation and much thanks!”

Marie Lau, Singapore

  • “Kee Huat  has proven to show great knowledge and experience in this area and is truly more than qualified to be our teacher and mentor. He is also sincere and upfront and more than willing to share freely. Thank you Kee Huat.”

Pierre Chenxu, Singapore

  • “It is a very good "Internet Business Workshop" that I ever attend before in Singapore. It provided me a valuable basic information and knowledge on how internet marketing work. I hope I can continue to learn from this workshop again and again. It benefit through out for our life.”

William Lee, Singapore

  • “Kee Huat is amazing! I came for the seminar without any knowledge and experience about Internet Marketing. He explained and shown the Internet Marketing process in simple and easy to understand steps, which can be implemented immediately. I am looking forward to making my first serious money on the net. Thank you Kee Huat.”

Kenneth Tan, Singapore

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Ready Made Template - Comes Complete with a Web Page Header and Footer Graphics, & A Built-In Opt-In Form - Will Make Your Mini-Site Something Special!”


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High Impact Templates

The first component of this special offer is the 10 Sales Inducing Website Templates package created exclusively for you — they’re not available anywhere else.

These are beautiful templates that will make your mini-site something special.

You’ll get 10 Sales Inducing Website Templates that will make setting up your mini-site a breeze.

Each mini-site template comes complete with:

  • A template for your squeeze page

  • A template for your sales page

  • A template for a content page inside your site

Each template comes complete with a Web page header and footer graphics, a beautiful order button graphic, and a built-in opt-in form. Everything looks good together, and comes packaged for easy use.

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Graphical Opt-In Box Collection

Using eye-catching graphics integrated with your mini-site sign-up form is one of the easiest ways to attract people to join your list. Getting them there is more than half the battle. Once they’re visually attracted, they’re extremely likely to sign up. This is perfect for mini-sites that need to capture attention fast.

The package include 15 complete graphical opt-in boxes you and use on any mini-site. And you’ll get two attractive squeeze page templates you can edit and upload in minutes.

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Webmaster Sticky Scripts

This is a set of 12 easy-to-use scripts every website owner needs. All you have to do is make these tools available on your site, and people will bookmark your site to visit again and again. It'll become "sticky"...which is likely to get you more regular traffic that leads to sales.

For example, you'll have a meta tag generator that does the grunt work of creating description and keyword tags. No more typing the ugly HTML for those! Just enter the data, press a button, then copy and paste the HTML into your page.

And that's just one of the 12 scripts. There's one for generating popup code, one to create a really cool menu for site navigation, and so on.

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BONUS #4 - Marketing Graphics Pro

Professionally Designed Attention-Grabbing Images Ready To Plug Into All Your Web Pages !”

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Marketing Graphics Pro

This package includes a truck load of professionally designed attention-grabbing images ready to plug into all your web pages.

These graphics will help you boosts your conversions, increases your sales, and helps your visitors make a purchase decision.

Value: US$197

BONUS #5 - Response Boosting Audio Triggers

“Response Boosting Audio Triggers Instantly Add Professional Voice Over To Your Website!”

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Response Boosting Audio Triggers

This is a brand new product that nobody’s ever seen before. It’s a package of MP3 audio files you can add to your mini-site instantly.

These audio triggers are designed to make it easy to boost your conversion, no matter what your particular call to action is.

These audios will almost make it too easy to get people to do what you want them to do. But it’s all perfectly legit…and that money you’ll make will prove how effective they really are.

Value: US$197

BONUS #6 - Do-It-Yourself Mini-Site Kit



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Do-It-Yourself Mini-Site Kit

This outstanding package gives you a complete set of mini-site tools you’ll need for setting up your own mini-sites, affiliate sites, opt-in pages and more.

You’ll get 18 very attractive, professional niche site templates. Some of them even have that nice “rounded corners” look you almost have to be genius to figure out…but you’ll be able to copy and paste.

You’ll also get a set of Adobe Photoshop action scripts that can make beautiful ecovers for any product.

The package also includes a huge library of eye-catching graphics for guarantees, bullets, and even what Sean calls “scruffys”, or hand-drawn images to give your sales pages a more personal feel.

Even better, you’ll get a set of one-time offer templates that are exactly like I told you create in the Mini-Site Profits Exposed course.

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ADVANCED BONUS : Self Help Videos Library



FREE Access To Our "600 Computer Software Learning Videos Programs" For The Next 60 Days

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600 Computer Software Learning Videos

Full Access To Our Self-Paced, Self-Study, Self-Help and Self Directed Computer Learning Videos Include 66,000 Of Choices In Topics Such As

  • IT Training & Certification

  • Programming Languages & Operating Systems

  • Networking & Security

  • Database & Business Application

  • Desktop Publishing & Graphics Design

  • Animation & 3D

  • Audio & Multimedia

  • Internet & Web Design

  • Office Application Software and etc.

Value: US$520


FREE Access To A Series Of Our Video Tutorials On

"How To Use Control Panel To Easily Manage All The Features Of Your Web Hosting Account!"

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How to use cPanel

Here you'll find a series of Video Tutorials explaining how to use the features of Control Panel of your hosting, just click the play icon and the movie will open in a new window, more movies are being produced covering subjects like FTP, DNS and web design, watch this space!

The Control Panel is a very user-friendly graphical interface, that allows quick and easy access to all the features available to your particular hosting account. It makes managing your web space efficient and easy. With the touch of a button, you can add e-mail addresses/accounts, access your files, backup your files or check your web mail. Plus many more essential web site functions.

The features inside the Control Panel automate processes that many users must do manually with some hosting services. So no waiting on your host you have a lot more control.. This interface offers you a way to quickly view account-related information and provides easy access to the wide variety of tools and utilities that come with your account.

Value: US$197


FREE Access To A Series Of Our Video Tutorials On

"How To Set Up And How To Easily Manage All The Features Of Your AutoResponder Account!"

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Watch our video tutorials and find out how easy it is:

Quick Start
If you are new to AutoResponse, watch this step-by-step video tutorial and learn how to get started with your follow-up autoresponder!
Capture Subscribers
Start growing your list by adding a custom sign-up form to your site, then send a new broadcast message to selected subscribers.

Setup Your Messages
Create attractive HTML messages by formatting your text, inserting images, creating links, attaching files and testing.

Campaign Settings
Learn how to personalize each of your campaigns including their confirmation messages, domain name, postal address and other important settings such as opt-in and subscription types.

Value: US$197


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"Let's See What You Got Waiting For You!"

10 Sales Inducing Website Templates


Graphical Opt-In Box Collection


Webmaster Sticky Scripts


Marketing Graphics Pro


Response Boosting Audio Triggers


Do-It-Yourself Mini-Site Kit


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Access To Our Video Tutorials On How To Manage Your Hosting Account US$197

Access To Our Video Tutorials On How To Manage Your AutoResponder Account US$197




Yours Absolutely FREE!

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How To Ensure Your Competence?

Ok - I'm neither inhumane or stupid. First of all, your success on the job really means a lot to me. But I can't do it without you ensuring your own commitment to getting this done. In my opinion, after struggling on my own, I finally 'understand' Internet Marketing. I want you to reach there faster than I did, and you will give me a glowing testimonial - I'm sure of that!

I also want you to gain the competence quickly because how am I going to run advanced seminars next time?! Honestly, I'm quite bored running basic workshops. They really, really bore me. I'm excited by new business ideas, and I want those business ideas to build for myself a bigger niche in internet marketing. I am literally exploding with ideas that I want to implement, but not only do I lack the joint venture partners with the right capabilities, I'm stuck running newbie workshops!! Come down and let me get rid of this limitation once and for all!

Second, I know it's impossible to bypass the confusion and frustration. If you don't go through that, you'll take everything for granted. But I can make this less painful for you. How? Very simple. Here's the follow-up plan in greater detail.

Pillar #1 For Success - HANDS-ON!

You will have hands-on experience. This is something that NO other seminar has ever been able to do successfully before. I intend to be the first to do this in this workshop, using a blend of facilitation and experiential training. You will NOT be sitting for lectures alone. There WILL be ample time for you to PRACTICE.

Pillar #2 For Success - FOLLOW-UP!

I already told you - expect to be overwhelmed. It's ONE day, and you probably will find yourself being frustrated. But it's more important for you to snap out of it and get over it fast. I'll even facilitate that for you. How?

Pillar #3 For Success - MASTERMIND GROUPS!

Platinum Inner Circle Members (when you register you automatically become part of this group) will receive instruction on how to set up a proper learning group, and you will get together to build your competence together. It's important to do this because you can consolidate your questions and answer them yourselves or, you can direct those questions to me. It's essential for you to get practice.

Pillar #4 For Success - JOINT VENTURES GALORE!

This is the one I want you to be at. You would have created your products and sales pages. By this stage, you can already start seeking me out as a joint venture partner. I want you to do that. I think I will profit far more from this than just running seminar after seminar. I want all 30 of you to have 30 or 90 products I can JV with you on. With 90 new products, imagine what might happen for me. It would be ridiculously easy to make money! Imagine if we all pooled together to run a mega promotion project. Wouldn't that save time and effort? It's this group that will benefit the most. I guarantee you one thing - next year, there's no such thing as a $998 seminar anymore for a similar seminar!

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For the Benefit of Individual Attention, Limited To 20 18 Participants Only.


How To Register

Unleash Internet Power

"Jump Start To Profit" Workshop

code: UIP101sg

Workshop Venue





111 North Bridge Road Peninsula Plaza #04-45

(Near MRT Station: City Hall)

8, 9, 10 & 11 June 2009

Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs

7.00pm to 11.00pm

Registration Start@ 6.30 pm

Certificate Will Be Awarded Once Successful Completion Of This Training

Please Bring Your Own Laptop Computer

Regular Workshop Fee: US$988 CASH

Special For Early Birds Price - First 8 Participants Only

Workshop Fee: S$ 300

For Next 9 - 15 Participants - Workshop Fee: S$400

For Next 16 - 20 Participants - Workshop Fee: S$500

Online Registration Only


Please "Return To Merchant Page"

After Your Payment Made For Registration

Yours Sincerely,

Kee Huat

P.S. Remember to  Sign Up Now & Claim Your Bonus! that are already being sold on the internet right now. They total $2,096++ in value and you can use the knowledge right away! In fact, I urge you to get these bonuses before the prices go up soon!
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